Getting to the Camp

The North Woods camp is located at:

North Woods and Pleasant Valley YMCA Camps
144 Governor John Wentworth Hwy
Mirror Lake, NH 03853

(603) 569-2725

Contest: To encourage efficient transportation, a special prize will be awarded to whoever arrives at the wedding with the highest calculated passenger miles per gallon.  Since this will be unfairly biased towards those that live in New England, we will not factor in air travel on a commercial airline.

Traveling by Air: For those flying, we recommend flying into Boston, MA (BOS), Manchester, NH (MHT), or Portland, ME (PWM).  See the next sections for how to get to the camp after landing.

Traveling by Car:  Use your GPS and drive there.  Travel time by car from these airports is roughly 2 hrs from BOS, 75 min from MHT, and 90 min from PWM.  We strongly recommend coordinating with others to get to the camp.  For those interested in carpooling, we set up a Google Doc so you can enter your flight times, seat availability, etc.

Traveling by Bus: Shuttles can be booked between Boston and Manchester airports directly to the camp on Lakes Region Airport Shuttle.  Booking a roundtrip shuttle between Boston and North Woods Camp is roughly $200 for 2 people and 2 bags or ~$250 for 6 people and 6 bags.  So, find some friends (see information about Google Doc above) and save some green (money and earth)!

Traveling by Bike: Totally do-able from anywhere in North America, but you should leave soon if you are coming from California!  It’s about ~120 miles from Boston.

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