Camp Accommodations

RSVP here for our wedding!  (you’ll need the code on your invitation)

Cost and cabin assignments:

Your stay will cost $60/pp for one night and $90/pp for two nights.  Kids under 12 are half off and under 2 are free.  A Friday evening stay includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, while Saturday night stay includes Saturday breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch.

We will try to be as equitable as possible with cabin assignments. With respect to staff cabin assignments, preference for these relatively few slots will go to those with special needs. When you make your cabin request, feel free to specify your preferences for:

  1. Willingness to share a cabin with others
  2. Possible bunkmates
  3. Willingness to sleep in a rustic cabin without electricity vs. a more improved cabin with electricity.
  4. Special needs and other requests (e.g., “I will never stay in a cabin with other people.”)

Please understand that we may not be able to satisfy everyone’s requests, but we promise to do our best!  We will run all sleeping arrangements by you before they are set in stone.

For those staying at the camp, make your reservation and be sure to check out the What to Bring section below.

How to make your reservation:

Make your reservation with your RSVP and we’ll follow with a way for you to pay based on your preference (Square Cash, PayPal, check).  The easiest way to pay for your stay at the camp is to send payment with Square Cash.  It’s completely free and really easy. This is more secure than using your credit card at the grocery store (or Target). We understand that some people are more comfortable with checks, which is perfectly fine.

More information about the camp:

When we began to plan our wedding, we calculated that we would have about 3 minutes of time per guest at a moderately-sized wedding (e.g., 100 guests, 5 hours). Well, that would not be enough, so we decided early on that we wanted to hold a weekend event. We also expected to have many out-of-town guests, so we felt it was not only important to show off beautiful New England, but also to find a location that would be affordable for our guests.

We will hold our weekend wedding extravaganza at North Woods Camp on Lake Winnipesaukee and have exclusive use of the camp for the entire weekend. We anticipate and hope that most of our guests will stay at the camp. Once you arrive on Friday, you will not need to drive or think about meals and can simply enjoy the beautiful lake at peak foliage with other fantastic people. Accommodations at the camp are rustic, but cozy, convenient, and provide a great way for everyone to fully partake in the festivities.

The camp, fully-booked, can hold 400 campers—many more people than we are inviting—in ~50 cabins. To properly set expectations, the cabins are rustic, ranging from hostel-style bunk houses, sleeping ~10 people, to more-private staff cabins, which have electricity, private baths, and hold 2-4 people. All of the cabins are enclosed, some with windows and others with only screens. Dispersed around the camp are 6 communal bath houses with private stalls, each with ~5 toilets, ~6 showers/changing areas, and banks of sinks with mirrors and outlets.  All of these bathrooms have electricity.

As there are 50 cabins, we expect to be able to accommodate most people’s requests with respect to comfort and privacy. Realistically, there is so much to do at the camp that we expect very little time will be spent in the cabins. Linens will be provided, including a sheet set, two blankets, and a towel set. Pillows are not provided.

Other accommodations:

Though we would love for all of you to stay on-site with us, we understand that some may want less rustic accommodations. There are Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels in Wolfeboro, NH (~10 minutes drive) and the surrounding areas.  If you prefer these, we encourage you to book quickly before availability disappears!

Everyone is welcome to participate in all weekend activities (canoeing, swimming, the wedding, etc.).  If you are staying off-site, but expect to take part in meals at the camp (other than the reception meal), please RSVP here.

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