Our Wedding

RSVP and reserve camp accommodations here!

Alright, everyone!  To RSVP for our weekend wedding extravaganza, please do so at the link above.  We have also added more information about the weekend in the “Our Wedding” menu heading above, including an updated schedule of events, what to bring, and more information and resources on getting to the camp (carpooling spreadsheet included!).

We hope you are able to celebrate with us at the start of our newest adventure!



What you need to know–

1.  Accommodations:  we have reserved an entire summer camp that sits on Lake Winnipesaukee for the weekend, which relieves you of the responsibility of finding lodging.  We will send more information about this point in the coming weeks, but there will be a small fee that covers both lodging and food for the weekend.  Come relaxed and ready to have fun!  Young children are welcome!

2.  Getting there:  the camp is about 2 hours drive from Boston Logan Airport, and 90 minutes drive from Manchester Airport.  We hear there are public transportation options from Logan to Lake Winnipesaukee and will post more information about this as we find it.

3.  Timing:  we are hoping that most people will arrive Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday at brunch.  Everyone is welcome for the whole weekend!  We want to spend as much time with you as possible!


Beer watch!  [Currently brewing a Belgian wit - 06 Apr]


9 Responses to Our Wedding

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  2. Linda Kahl says:

    How exciting! That is wonderful news!

  3. Taylor Schneider says:

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!! Love the website and the email too! hahaha oliveandsprout..cute! And great pic of you guys! I definitely thought that said BEAR watch for a sec though (!!) Can’t wait for your wedding weekend!! Congrats and im excited to hear about all the plans!

  4. Noreen & Jim says:

    The Santa Cruz contingent will be there! Count us in!

  5. Susan Schneider says:

    LOVE THE PHOTO!!!! I am making my first demand as a mother-in-law to be-Monica:) I am requesting a copy of that photo? It looks like a magazine ad-I got a little, but controlled:) emotional when I opened your email. Finally-this is going to happen-am so so happy for the both of you. And am looking forward to a weekend of festivities!! SO EXCITED:)
    Love you-

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  7. Robby and Sage says:

    Congrats you guys! So great to hear from you.

  8. Gerry & Eric says:

    We are extremely excited to celebrate the two of you on this special weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun! Love, Gerry and Eric

  9. Chris and Debbie Schneider says:

    We will be attending the wedding and reception. We won’t be spending the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting Monica!!!!!

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