RSVP here!

RSVP and camp reservations

Alright, everyone!  To RSVP for our weekend wedding extravaganza, please do so at the link above.  We have also updated the wedding page with more information about the weekend, including an updated schedule of events, what to bring, and more information and resources on getting to the camp (carpooling spreadsheet included!).

We hope you are able to celebrate with us at the start of our newest adventure!

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  1. connie dioszeghy says:

    Hi, Stevie’ I did rsvp via phone but maybe it got lost in the shuffle. Can’t wait to see you! Driving up with Margie ( Iaconetti) on Saturday 9/20… should arrive around 12 noon, so you can expect us for lunch. We will be staying overnite on the 20th. Do I need to make reservations? Pls. let me know. You can fill me (us) in at Jeff and Natalie’s wedding. See u then.
    Aunt Connie

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